The Real MVP

Hi guys, I'm sorry, I have been MIA. It's a sacrifice I make to cross this hurdle to the next stage of my life. I'm trying to successfully complete my M.Sc. program (at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos) and I must confess it's not beans. I hope I am forgiven (and if I'm not, come... Continue Reading →

Day Zero.

Brotherly, Don’t worry this one was not conceived overnight like MR & MRS but it has taken so long because I have been thinking of what I can do differently this year (and free WiFi no gree work). I sabi say I dey always buy something for your birthday but this year as Buhari don bring... Continue Reading →

Visual Art with Maureen Maduadichie

What does “visual art” mean to you? Visual art means life to me. It means seeing beyond what is and translating it to art, almost like seeing with your soul; an expression of the artist’s essence. It is pure magic and only a few people understand it. How did you get started with art? Well,... Continue Reading →

Mr. & Mrs.

As I lay my head to rest on my tender soft pillow after an eventful day. I realise, it is my parents anniversary tomorrow. What do I get them this year? I quietly asked myself. I suddenly drifted off into the memories of the back and forth banter of love. Never, could I understand how... Continue Reading →

All it Takes.

A little something I wrote. #worldpoetryday   Tomorrow and Yesterday is Coming; Tomorrow arrives with Nostalgia. Yesterday takes away the Pain.   Yesterday and Today is Here; Yesterday is Static. Today is Uncertain.   Today and Now is More; Today is Beautiful. Now is Aware today is Done.   Now and Forever cracks the Dawn;... Continue Reading →


You… My behind the scene Guy! without You, The Pain of labor is Unbearable. without You, There would be No Room for Me. without You, I Make the Loudest noise. without You, The Niagara of anger Guzzles me. without You, The Stains of guilt Drown me. without You, There would be no Reap for my... Continue Reading →

Alas! Freedom.

I was so happy where I was, although I was only but a lost girl in the woods. The woods felt like home, there is no place I would rather be...


There I was, as usual, waiting. It was the last Friday of the month; time for my father to credit my account. I checked my phone religiously for an alert as if my life depended on it. Seconds went by like days. Minutes like weeks. Hours like years. I had not heard my phone's  'bop'... Continue Reading →

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