Mr. & Mrs.

As I lay my head to rest on my tender soft pillow after an eventful day. I realise, it is my parents anniversary tomorrow. What do I get them this year? I quietly asked myself.

I suddenly drifted off into the memories of the back and forth banter of love. Never, could I understand how the “small small” things this loving, simple woman did could affect this man. Then I woke up yet still asleep, seeing things from a vantage point of being their son; the product of their love. Like a baby ever so watchful I watched as he became a husband because of her and she became his wife because of him. My father unexpectedly caught by the tendrils of her soft kindness and warm grace, he had her in his arms held in a brace by the love he had learnt to have as he was taught by God his teacher.

A journey of a thousand miles started by a smile,
Her smile melts his heart like butter that just caught a glimpse of the sun

the sound of Her voice when she called out “Bobomi” was enough to pour cold water on his hot raging anger.

He knocked on the door of friendship but She opened the door of love and he was welcomed by the home that she was,

He, the solid reinforcements that ran through her walls.

She, the silent force that kept it all together.

They, lovers now partners,

The dynamic duo,

Mr. & Mrs Incredible.
Happy Anniversary, I love you.



Written by Jinmi-Ahisu, Olayinka Viavo.

Edited by Tarfa, Salim.


2 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs.

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  1. Thank you for becoming who you should be…..
    The Lion 🦁 will never give birth to a goat🐐 . 😎😀.

    Oya! Let’s go and take on the world…..

    Liked by 1 person

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