Day Zero.


Don’t worry this one was not conceived overnight like MR & MRS but it has taken so long because I have been thinking of what I can do differently this year (and free WiFi no gree work). I sabi say I dey always buy something for your birthday but this year as Buhari don bring “change” I gats find another way to say happy birthday, “based on logistics”  and who you be “my day zero” what better way than to pen my heart on paper (in this case, screen and keyboard).

Once upon a time, I thought you were the meanest person, with your many many ways of being real and blunt, unapologetically so, I had to know if you knew what in me you had sowed, each passing moment a chance for me to grow, knowing that wherever I go, the brother I had in me would show.

But now I know, like a timetable you’re on time when I need you to be, so on schedule, it makes rhymes when I think of you and me,

An unbreakable bond of family knots two distinct individuals.

Together we have stood unshaken by the stormy sea, Life. Not because of our perfections but because the light of God kept us together away from strife.

Your love as a brother at times cuts me like a knife, and you make me laugh like a comic book on a flash drive because I feel your love as a bro and it’s a Universal Serial Bus the kind that’s got its gear always in drive.

So many times I have tripped, but you have always been there to pull me back reminding me that this “rat race” is not for the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all.

So Bro, Olori-ebi, pastor, step up legend, slay partner, thanks for teaming up with me… Making it all the more awesome… It’s never truly an us complete without you.

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Happy Birthday, Ovi 1.

I love you.

Written By Jinmi-Ahisu, Olayinka Viavo

Edited By Tarfa, Salim


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