The Real MVP

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Hi guys, I’m sorry, I have been MIA. It’s a sacrifice I make to cross this hurdle to the next stage of my life. I’m trying to successfully complete my M.Sc. program (at the School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos) and I must confess it’s not beans. I hope I am forgiven (and if I’m not, come and do your own and run a blog at the same time).

Moving on to greater things, I cannot talk about sacrifice without acknowledging…

One woman, a teacher.

This woman, a distinguished woman of class.

The woman who pushed me into this world. Who taught me to Crawl (I think), Stand, Walk, Run (Literally, She was so good with the ‘Kpankere’ that your legs had to master its way around).

As a child, she gave me all the nourishments I needed for development (if ground smoked fish and others count… I cannot remember the combination). She also didn’t hesitate to give me “To ba dan wo” Yoruba mother look when and when not due *rolling my eyes*. Oya, sorry sorry. Continue reading…

She taught me, lying is never the easy way out after the beating she gave my brother once upon a time… but that is a story for another day.

She taught me, if I believed hard enough, in the words of R. Kelly “I can fly”

She taught me, the cardinal virtues of a human person… that Fortitude is not only having Access but reaching the Zenith of Prudence through vision. A vision to see beyond the Skye not fall, but also having Temperance that will not only Guarantee me the ability to be Just in building a Forte, not oil but to Trust Totally in the Word.

She gave me the formula for success, my Bible, the Word. She taught me to participate not hate. She taught me not to look at my current situation but to look to the future; weeping may last through the night, But definitely, joy comes in the morning.

Most importantly, she has shown me the power of love. Not the love of a man but the Love of one, God, is greater than the love of any other.

The real MVP, our real MVP, the MVP of mothers, the most valuable praying mother. Thank you for your sacrifice, seen and unseen. Thank you, Mrs. Y. H. Jinmi-Ahisu for being my mother and dearest friend. I love you (I feel I have not shown this enough). So help me God, I will do better.

Happy Birthday, Mille.

Love, Viavo.


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